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Our goal is to be a resource for those who choose an audio/verbal path to hearing. Once you have decided to use technology to aid your child in hearing, we have a program that could help with some of the out-of-pocket cost associated with the different devices.


Once fitted with either hearing aids or cochlear implaints your child will need some form of speech therapy. This program will help with the cost of either individual speech therapy or a local hearing school. Whichever direction you choose, we want to help you with your child's path to hearing.


We want to help parents every step of the way and we will be advocates for you and your child. We have been where you are and we want to be that resource so you do not feel alone when seeking the help you need.


We believe that knowing where to go and what to do are essential in your child's hearing success. We want to be a resource to help you find information about hearing impairment and what to do next. We have been in your shoes and we would like to help in any way possible.

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